Monday, March 16, 2015

Riding Bliss

Longer days, warmer weather, and green grass starting to sprout has given me a bit of pep in my step.  It's the excitement of spring and summer!  My favorite times of year!!

I am so thrilled to be able to come home and work the horses without scurrying along before the sun sets.  And best of all getting to spend time with baby Monster.   His behavior around the barn is already improving now that he is back in work.  We continue to work on moving off the leg, bending, and stretching down into the bit.  He always starts out like a giraffe once we pick up the trot but it improving immensely at moving forward and bending.  Our circles actually resemble circles.  By the end he is moving into the bit and relaxed.  I'm pretty proud of how he progresses each ride.

His mane is also slowly growing out finally!!  Yay!!!  Friday I even pulled the few stands that never got rubbed out.  I realized that I had only pulled his mane one time since I got him before he rubbed it out.  Since I was expecting him to react like wtf, I unhooked him from the cross ties and put a chain over his nose. I would have preferred someone to hold him, but I didn't have this option.  I unhook from the cross ties because when they want to avoid what you are doing they back up.  When they hit the end of the cross ties they might panic because they can't evade you or because they simple hit the end of the cross ties.  We want this to be a good experience so we want to avoid all that.  The first pull he stepped back.  I lead him forward.  Another pull and he stepped back.  I tugged lightly on the chain to let him know he's not supposed to go back.  Then with each pull on the mane I have big pats and talked to him.  He stood ground tied until we were done.  Then of course he was rewarded with a peppermint.  With babies it's all about making things a positive, drama free experience.  That way they grow up to be solid citizens with good manners.  He's getting there...

Poppy has been really good.  Nothing exciting to report on.  We are hacking and jumping a little.  I feel that she is tighter to the right so I will work on that (circles, bending, stretching, etc) until our next show in April.


  1. I love reading and seeing how Luxxx is progressing :)

  2. glad baby Luxxx is doing so well!! i agree completely about making sure everything stays positive -- seems like some of these horses will hold on to a bad experience for years and years haha