Friday, December 5, 2014

Solution For Saddle Slipping

Thank you for all of your suggestions for fixing saddle slipping!  Since others seemed to have similar slipping issues I thought I would share what has worked for me for the past several years for Poppy.

This small blue gel thing is amazing.  It's called Gel-Eze and was originally designed as a cold compress to go under bandages.  It also works  great as a non slip pad.  Another plus, it's inexpensive!!  I paid $25 at a mobile tack store at a show.  If you would like more info on them here is an online store I found that sells them.  Click here.

I use it at Poppy's withers, then put on the saddle pad, then half pad.

Here is Poppy's former half pad by Beval.

As you can see it is old and just needs to be retired.  RIP Beval pad.  It is thick and really did a good job with saddle fit.  When combined with the Gel-Eze I had no saddle slipping so I wanted a similar sized new half pad.

Although the Ogilvy didn't eliminate the need for the Gel-Eze, I am still very happy with it and love the look.

I switch between a Professional Choice girth and a fuzzy fleece one with Poppy.  I use the fleece one for shows mainly.  The girth I use doesn't help the slipping.  When I use the Gel-Eze there is no slipping with whatever girth or half pad I am using.

I am a fan of minimal tack/gadgets.  I only use a running martingale in the show ring.  So I love that the Gel-Eze is small and hidden under the saddle pad.  It is also small enough that it would fit under a hunter pad.

There's my sales pitch.  If you have any saddle slipping try the Gel-Eze!

  You'd never know it was under my saddle!


  1. That's what my bff horse friend recommended to me :) Great minds!

    1. Buy 2 if it works. When I misplace mine I go into pure panic lol!

  2. Love multi purpose equine items, we spend so much on them (in general) that stuff having multiple uses is awesome in my book.
    Yay for ingenuity!

  3. awesome! i can see a pad like that being super useful on the xc course too. and great photo btw

  4. I have a couple of those hanging around... it irritated the skin of my horse and left a big ridge the couple of times I tried to use it. Didn't do that on the previous horse I tried it on but it also didn't help me any more than just regular old grippy shelf liner either. But you gave me a great idea - dig them out and sell them!