Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Show Season

As I started writing this blog entry it reminded me to renew my USEF and USHJA memberships.  It also made me sad to mark Tank as "sold" and also surprised that the new owner didn't transfer ownership with USEF yet.

My first show of 2015 with Poppy will be in 2 weeks.  It is an AA show about 2 hours from home.  I plan to show in a 1.10m High Adult Jumper class Saturday and the NAL Classic Sunday.  Since it is so close to Christmas and I am already taking time off from work I am just planning to haul over early Saturday morning before I show and stay Saturday night.  The barn isn't going but trainer M is with another outside client so it will be a "quiet" show. Part of me wants to do the 1.15m class Saturday instead of my division class so I can prepare to move up to 1.20m.  Things to ponder...

I also may or may not have the fuzzy marshmallow clipped by then.  Same dilemma as last year.  Last year I got some great advice though, go fast and no one will notice!  

Next up will be HITS Ocala.  Marshmallow will definitely be clipped by then!