Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5 Day Challenge- Day 3

11. Critique your horse’s conformation

I am by no means an expert but there are things I like and look for.  However critiquing conformation can be unfair to the horse if you have a bad pic.  This can skew everything.  I don't have good pics so we will do our best.
I will start with Poppy.  The angle and not having her stand correctly makes her look like her hind legs are under her so we will ignore that.  She is downhill and her bum is slightly high.  This does not affect her as she is light in the forehand and light off the ground.  She toes out slightly.  I love her long neck, strong shoulders and hind.  I believe this is why she is a powerhouse when it comes to jumping.  She stands at under 16hh so although I would have wished her to be taller her power makes up for her height.  Little mares rule!

Tank.  Another bad pic for critiquing conformation.  Huge shoulder, huge hind end, long thick neck, short back.  All thinks I like.  He toes in but I don't think my farrier helps this at all.  It doesn't affect his movement. He trots straight and is a cute mover.   My farrier says you can't fix the toe in but I feel it is worse than when I bought him and his feet look like crap.

Ketel.  He toes out a little, short back, nice shoulder and butt.  I think his neck and top line will improve with more work. He's just 3 and growing...

12. Horse’s favorite riding exercise

I think all of mine like jumping best.  They like new challenges and keeping things fresh.  Tank and Poppy love the jump offs where they can pick up the pace and  show off their tight turns.

13. Favorite spa day products

I don't do spa day.  I know, horrible horse mom but let me explain.  I am old school and believe in currying and brushing daily to get that natural shine.  Regular bathing is terrible for their coats and feet.  I try to only bathe them for horse shows.  For that I use good ol' ivory liquid soap and sometimes quick silver.  Show sheen for the tail.  After showing they get a vetrolin bath and when dry legs get poulticed and wrapped.  Having a grey means alcohol comes in handy to get out the poop stains the morning of a show.  I also use a mix of water and Alpha Keri in a spray bottle to lightly spray on the horse.  It brings out any dust/dirt then wipe them down with a towel to remove the dirt.

14. Three best things about your horse

Tank: 1) Complete love bug 2) He is like riding a sofa 3) He now has a lot of show experience so you can unload him off the trailer and go.

Poppy: 1) Her great mind, she is not spooky and can handle a joke 2) Her jump 3) She is soooo fun to ride

Ketel: 1) His great mind.  If he spooks he doesn't run away, he wants to check it out 2) So sweet and well mannered 3) He loves to share a beer with my husband

Cotton: 1) He is the cutest mini pony EVER 2) He eats next to nothing 3) Before he got too fat he would ride around in the golf cart with my husband.

Hobbs: 1) He made me the rider I am today 2) He did not have a stop in him.  If you pointed him at a jump, he went 3) You can lead him by the forelock and he will follow you anywhere.

15. Favorite picture of your horse

Poppy.  She just finished a great round and I was thanking her.

Tank.  I just think he looks cute.

Ketel with my trainer N riding.  This was his second time jumping.

All time favorite one of Hobbs.

Cottonpoo.  Cutest mini pony ever.

Ok so Cotton got 2 pictures but I had to share him in the golf cart.


  1. I like how all of your horses have great minds :-D

    Also, Cotton in the golf cart is AWESOME.

  2. I need a Hobbs! Hopefully Henry is getting to that point ;) Tell Hobbs to talk to Henry and tell him to never stop again ;)

    1. Everyone needs a Hobbs! He gave me so much confidence. If you asked him to leave 2 strides out he would and not bat an eye. The first time he stopped with me I fell off. He was 17 at the time and I asked him to leave a stride out and the old guy just couldn't anymore. I fell off bc I never expected him to stop but he had good reason. We won the classic the next day. That is how awesome he was!!