Sunday, December 22, 2013

Horse Show Report Day 1

Sleep is for the weak.  I rested for about 3 hours then hauled out about 6 am Saturday for the show.  I got there in plenty of time to unload, park the trailer, bathe Poppy, and watch my friends go.  My trainer N and I decided I should start Poppy in the 1m since we had not shown since September.
I got on and she was a bit full of herself and for whatever reason jumping hard right.  We went in the ring, saw a nice distance to jump 1 so I softened and she stopped.  Nope, don't think so.  A couple pops with the crop and we rolled around and finished the course nicely.  It was like she just had to test me.

Next I did the 1.10 High Adult Amateur Jumper class.  We jumped an in and out and it should have been a nice bending 6 strides to the next jump and at stride 6 I pulled and we fit a really really ugly 7 in.  As in I practically slammed her in the jump and she had to flail to get over it.  One rail down.  So then the 4 strides to the next jump was not going to happen so I had to pull for an ugly 5 and the super mare left it up. Finished the course nicely after I got that out of my system.  I came out of the ring and N pointed out that Poppy should have dumped me for those shenanigans. Yup.  Grey mare made up for course #1. Lots of pats and carrots later and all was forgiven. Sunday is a new day.  Hopefully we knocked the rust off and we can redeem ourselves in the classic today.

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  1. What a good horse! Ive just started following your blog and I love it!!