Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Veredus Boots Product Review

As I mentioned in Monday's blog I did some shopping at the horse show and figured I would do a product review on 2 of the things I bought.

While I was warming up on Saturday my trainer noticed that the strap on Poppy's front Equifit boots had come undone.  This is not good for many reasons.  I am not happy with these boots.  They just haven't fit her right since day 1.  Excuse to go shopping.  My trainer recommended the Veredus boots so I went to check them out.

These are the Olympus and run $149 (tack store price, $139 through Dover).  The insides are gel and the have a hard exterior with reinforcement at the tendon.  Description from Dover web site "Front boots with a dual density semi-rigid polyurethane outer shell for protection and EVA foam lining in the strike pad zone.  Easy-to-use quick release hook stud closures save you time."

I LOVE them!  They are stylish, they fit her perfectly, and they are easy to put on and take off.  For now Poppy will continue to use her Equifit hind boots but I forsee getting the Veredus hind boots in the near future.  Merry Christmas Poppy!

So what did you get your pony for Christmas?

Stay tuned, the review on the other item I bought will be next!


  1. New to your blog, but yay for another blogger in Ocala!! OMG this makes me so happy!

    And, I've been really interested in these boots. My mare, for whatever reason, hates the Equifits, so I've been looking into other options. Not so pressing since shes 'supposed' to be a hunter, but for now, my cheapy Lami-cells will make do.

    1. I'm a little less than 2 hours from Ocala but show there often :)

    2. Why did I not realize that we were close! Blogger meet up this circuit?!?!

    3. I next show the Jax circuit in Jan. not sure about HITS yet.