Friday, October 4, 2013

Boredom...I Think

This week Poppy has been so full of herself.  She is always a little funny about her mouth.  She will yank at the reins, pull down, open her mouth, etc when we school but this week it's worse.  And you have to be careful because if you touch her mouth she over reacts so you just apply leg.  And on top of that she has been a bit wild.  We've had cooler weather this week (it's FL so I am talking mid to low 80s) and I gave her a week off after the show so I thought maybe it was that.  Last night I jumped her a little and she never really settled down.  Conclusion?  I think she is bored.  She is no longer the young greenie that needs baby steps.  She's tired of poles, she tired of flat work, and she's bored jumping anything under 3'3. So what do I do to spice things up and challenge her?  I don't like to do a lot of jumping at home and certainly not big unless we are prepping for a show.  I think I will change my jumps around this weekend.  I will probably set up a gymnastic.  The last time I did this she kept jumping the ENTIRE bounce.  Yes.  She found it annoying and decided to make it a 9ft oxer.  I lost a few years off my life...

Ketel and Tank have been good this week too.  I started working Ketel in draw reins.  He needs to learn contact and to lower his head.  His is doing really well with it and seems to like the draw reins.  A few more times with them and then I will ride him without and see how he ties it in.  I did this with Poppy as well when I was training her.  Tank so far has been the only horse I've ever had that literally goes into a frame when you hit the saddle.  No martingale needed.  He even frames himself on the lunge.  Such a cool horse.

I am a little obsessed with watching Capital Challenge on the live feed.  I got to see one of my trainers complete in the Young Professionals Challenge.  She finished in the top 6. I also watched my friend in the 3'3 A/Os.  She did awesome.  And another friend who finished just out of the ribbons in the CH/AD Jumpers.  Watching that class made me want to be there so badly. As much as I want to move up I think I am going to stay in my current division and try to qualify for NAL Finals next year.  The qualifying period started Sept 30th.  It means a lot of showing and finishing probably top 3 each time to acquire the needed points.  So a long shot but I think I want to give it a go.

TGIF.  Looking forward to some riding time this weekend.  Fingers crossed the rain stays away.


  1. Watching the Ariat Medal myself right now!

  2. Please put video up next time you do a grid. I would love to see that 9' oxer ;)

  3. Iy's good that people you know are doing great. :)

    1. That's supposed to say, "It's good that people you know are doing great."