Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hunter Princess Blog Hop- Why Do You Love Showing?

Why do you love showing?

For me it's probably easier to state what I don't like.  That list would be simple.  The cost.  Other than that, what's not to love?  

I have been competing for over 30 years and have always been addicted to it. I love putting into action what I practice daily.  I love the excitement I feel the week of a show, taking a showcation from work, using all my pretty show tack, spotless horses, the plan, the strategizing, the camaraderie, seeing my friends, spending ALL day with my horse(s), I could go on and on. In show jumping at the A rated level you do not get to school over the jumps.  So when you go into a class your horse is looking at the course and jumps for the first time.  Since there is no practicing you come up with a strategy and you ride your plan.  Most of all, there is nothing like the thrill of winning.


  1. Having all the hard work pay off is awesome!

  2. The cost is def the worst thing about it. And the stress but I haven't done as much competing as you so I'm hoping tha twill go away one day!

    1. I think as adults we face new challenges. We tend to over think and therefore take the fun out. I still have to remind myself to not be my own worst enemy. We do this because we love it. Riding at a show should be no different than home :)