Friday, October 18, 2013

Hunter Princess Blog Hop- Favorite H/J Exercises

What your favorite exercise is to school at home?

It varies slightly for each of my horses.  I definitely incorporate poles into everyone's warm up exercise.  Both at the trot and canter.  Sometimes I also set up a line of poles too.  Cantering poles is a great way to develop and tune your eye.

For Poppy I also practice the counter canter.  Right now we are working on maintaining it over poles.  It's hard to resist the urge for a flying change over that pole!  She's getting it though!

With everyone I try to now and then wcork on leg yields, turn on the haunches, etc.

Grid work is also fun.  Especially when you can build the height and crank up that last jump and see what your horse has got.  

My exercises at home don't get very exciting.  When I go to my trainer's for a lesson it is usually more pole work.  Poles in front and landing poles.  We also work on adjusting the stride.  Take a line and add up, then the number, then add up again, etc. We also do a lot of technical courses with roll backs, off set lines, tight turns, and so on.


  1. Love poles. Sounds like you keep it pretty simple like I try to!

    1. Yup and it works for me. If I go lesson and find something challenging then I will incorporate it at home.