Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ho Hum

Nothing really exciting going on in my barn since the show.  Last week we had a lot of rain so I didn't get much riding in. Due to that I decided not to take Ketel to the little local show last Saturday.  I am soooo thankful for that decision.  It rained all day and 2 rings were not usable so lots of schedule changes.  They are having another one in November so I will aim for that one.  Although I am excited for baby's first show he is 3 yo so there is plenty of time.

Otherwise it is just my typical scramble of getting 1 or 2 (if I am lucky) horses ridden each day after work.  It is now a race before the sun goes down. This isn't my favorite time of year because of that. S.O. ignores me when I ask for lights... 
This also makes me sad that I can't find a nice reliable person who wants to come help me ride.  I have tried this several times and either people don't show up or they don't clean my horse or tack they used, or dont ride at the level they told me they did, or other issues.  So after feeling taken advantage of many times in the past I have made a "rule" that I don't let anyone but my trainer ride my horses.

Capital Challenge starts this week and has live streaming.  I have a few friends showing there so I am looking forward to watching!

Since I have nothing really exciting to share how about a cute mini pony picture!!  This is Poppy's turnout pal Cotton.


  1. Cotton is precious! I may or may not be watching the CC live stream right now... :)

    1. Warning do not buy your horse a mini pony. Poppy is obsessed with Cotton (how could you not be).
      I am soooo watching it :)