Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Harrisburg Mania

The Pennsylvania National Horse Show is going on right now in Harrisburg, PA.  It's on live feed people!  Which means I am watching and not being a good productive worker.  But yesterday I had to watch one of my trainers compete in the Second Year Greens on a friend of mine's horses.  It was so awesome.  She came in Reserve Champion on one.  She won her final over fences round and the hack the day prior.  I was squealing from my desk at work!  I will be unproductive again tomorrow as I watch the A/Os.


  1. Love watching live feeds!! :)

    How awesome for your trainer!!!

    Love that I'm not the only one watching them at work lol!

  2. Anyone know why Margie and Indigo retired on course?

  3. Want to watch allllllll the things! We watched hunt night on Monday and it was super fun!