Friday, October 11, 2013

2 Point Torture

Yes, that is my very shameful 2 point time.  I didn't get my baseline done in time to enter L.Williams' contest but still wanted to participate for fun.  Poppy was way too wild on Wednesday to try and do it.  After finally getting some ride time after the rain we've had she was full of herself.  A big hump in her back for most of our ride kept my butt sitting firmly in that saddle!  So last night I rode my big comfy couch named Tank.  Being that he is like lounging on a couch it is tough to get up out of my deep seat jumper saddle and do a 2 point.  I gave it a go.  With jumpers I typically sit back and deep.  The only time I do a 2 point is on course when I want them to gallop in between jumps.  This might be in a speed class or when there is a long distance between jumps and I need to make time.  So my horses assume if I'm up out of the saddle it's time to hustle.  Last night Tank thought that was so fun. So much fun that when I let him gallop over a pole he started bucking.  More like the hopping woohoo type bucking but still enough to make me sit back down.  I loved seeing him having fun so we will do this again and try for longer.  I will go ahead and say that there is not a chance in hell I'm doing No Stirrup November.  

Update on Cotton.  His diarrhea is all cleared up. Yay!  Now he has thrush in his back feet.  Likely due to his hind being yucky and it being rainy this week.  So working on clearing that up.

On a not so good note I lunged Ketel last night and he was slightly off on his front left at the trot.  I couldn't find anything on him indicating the cause.  He was sensitive when I messed with his foot so possibly a bruise or abscess brewing.  Doctored his hoof so we will see how he is this evening.

Happy Friday!


  1. Yay glad you are still participating in 2point! Sad about NSNov though D:

  2. I had the same reaction to an entire month of no stirrups! Maybe I will just try to do more no stirrup work than usual... which shouldn't be hard since I do NONE right now!!

    1. I am pretty confident I would get bucked off, I think I will pass lol!