Monday, October 6, 2014

Baby Luxxx Jumps!

We know baby L can jump jumps through a jump chute...

I haven't jumped him while actually on him yet.  You know being that he's 3 (well 3 years and 8 months) and that I sort of thought he should learn to steer first.  Then I got brave on Saturday...

We finally had some sunshine here in what used to be referred to as The Sunshine State so I finally got to ride.  Other than a couple times on the lunge line Luxxx hadn't been ridden in a week.  I lunged him first and let him get his sillies out then I climbed aboard.  I decided to ride with draw reins to work with him more on contact and head position.  He didn't like them at first which is strange because he has worked plenty on the surcingle and side reins.  I kept the draw reins loose as my goal was not to crank his head but work with him on moving up into my hands and lowering his head.  He started out all over the place, not moving off my leg and bulging  one second then cutting in the next. After about 10 minutes or so he either "got it" or just decided to stop fussing because I got some great trotting and circles from him. Head down, light in my hands, and rounding around my leg.  He is still difficult to put together at the canter.  My goal is just to keep him cantering right now.  He is much better to the left than right.  Then I got off, took off the draw reins, and led him out to the jump field.  I figured I would hack him around and if he was good I would trot him over a couple baby jumps for fun.  He hacked around the jump field like a champ, no spooking and maybe just slighty more forward.  I trotted him over some tiny barrels and a small gate.  To say he jumped them might be a stretch as they were tiny so it was more like a trot step over them.  But hey, it still counts!

I wanted him to pose in front of the jump and he wouldn't stand.  He insisted on walking over it.

"I'm not supposed to stop in front of jumps Mom!"