Wednesday, October 15, 2014


This is how I feel at the moment about 2 things.

1. 2pointober

I felt like I came out of the gate too good to be true on this with a baseline time 2 minutes better than last year.

And I was right.  My next ride on Poppy I got this time.

This had me upset.  I didn't do anything different (I didn't think).  I practice at the canter.  I get my phone ready to time, get in my 2 point, start timer, put phone in my pocket, ask for canter, canter circles, poles, change directions, do same other direction, grab phone from pocket, stop timer, sit down in saddle, then pout about crappy time.

Vowed to try harder next time...

Ok this was better but I was still not improving on my baseline!  I'm going backwards!  And I do have to say my little grey jumper mare has been great.  Toward the end she gets quick and impatient but has stayed relatively under control.  This week I was on a mission...

Once a week or so I flat Poppy in draw reins and did so Monday.  In draw reins she goes around like a little short stirrup pony on perfect rhythm.  I took full advantage of this and told myself I would 2 point until my ankles went numb.

I'm not quite up to some of the numbers I saw (y'all are machines!) but this is great for me.  Now I just have to figure out how to improve and not slide back last last week.

2. My Blog

I've had some good ideas on a series and other topics but am just lacking the time to give them so not can be. Good thoughtful post.  I'm hoping this week slows down so I can get a few in que for those hectic days.

Yes, yes I did just share a quote from The Rock.


  1. Maybe do all of your 2 point riding with draw reins, you got a really good time! I'm so sad my riding paddock wasn't dry enough to participate this year! Haha the only Rock quote I know is the 'can you smell...' One lol!

  2. My 2point time is abysmal still. I got better by less than a minute and it still has major suckage. So, I feel you!

  3. Fair play to you for participating in 2pointtober, I didn't even sign up so Yay you!

  4. haha i love the rock... and with 2pointober - maybe try checking the clock *before* you sit back down but still without touching the neck. i find that helps me get a little bump of motivation to keep going :)