Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Check In

Not a whole lot of excitement going on to blog about.  I will continue to do some Horses On a Budget posts.  I appreciate your comments and feedback on them.  My goal is not to say one way is better but to lay out my findings/experience and you can decide.  

I haven't been on Luxxx in a week.  We have had so much rain that my footing really needs to dry out.  I lunged him twice this week and I am hoping to get on today.  My goal is to take him to the next local unrated show November 8th.  I'm not sure if I will show him or not.  That will solely depend on how much riding I get in by then.

I've just been able to hack Poppy twice this week.  Once was up and down our drive since it was so wet everywhere else.  She hates that because of the incline which means working harder :) last night she was pretty fussy and full of herself but what can I expect when she's worked twice in a week.  I'm not sure what's in her show future this fall.  Indoors are going on so that limits the rated shows around here.  There's Aiken, Tryon, & Atlanta this fall but with the shortest drive being 5 hours I'm not sure I'm up for it (3 tire blow outs on the trek home from Tryon last time has me hesitant).  The next close rated show here isn't until December.

We have cooler temps coming this weekend which means breaking out the sheets for the horses.  Hope you get lots of riding in this weekend!


  1. Love, love, LOVE that ecard about today's forecast! :)

  2. haha those ecards very accurately sum up my current attitude. have a fun weekend and hope it dries up!

  3. Replies
    1. Would love to go back to that awesome facility but that drive ugh!

  4. It's been raining a lot in our area, so not much riding here either. But I agree - the weekend is definitely the best part of the week!

  5. E-card perfection :)