Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's In A Name

If you own pets it is a prerequisite to have multiple names for them.  First you have their given name.  Then you have the 5 or so silly nick names that you call them.

Mini Nugget.  Aka Nuggie, Nugget,  Aardvark, Waddlebutt, Poopy, Smelly Nugget (she has some serious D.O.---doggy odor).

Puff. Aka Puffy, Fluffy, Puffalufagus, Brat, Poopy, Faluffel, Beast.

Soot.  Aka Sooty, Gnat (he has zero attention span), Woofer.

Buford T. Justice. Aka Buford, Bubaby, Wrinkles, The Slimer (I never knew an animal could creat so much drool), Foghorn.

Hobbs.  Aka Hobbles, The old man, Hobblet.

Poppy.  Aka Pops, Marshmallow, Pretty Girl, Poppers, Equine Puff (see Puff the dog).

 Cotton.  Aka Cottonpoo, Finkelstein (no clue where husband came up with this one).

Luxxx.  Aka ???? He has no nicknames.  I call him Baby L on here but that's it.  His name doesn't lend itself for shortening or rhyming.  He's not evil so Luxifer doesn't fit. Luxilicious is more for a female.  Delux I'm not sold on.  This is terrible.  A cute baby like that has to have a nickname!

Share your pet's nickname!  If I was blog savvy I would make this a Blog Hop!


  1. Hand Gallop is running this as a blog hop :)
    Love your nicknames!

  2. cute - and i'm sure luxxx will get nicknames soon enough :)

  3. Pascale is Panther or Pitty Panther. BT is Btizzle. Eliot is Smelliot or Smelly. Simon is Simonpants, Simone, or 'Nerd horse' :-D

  4. My dog is Rocky Roo Racoon and has about a million nicknames including Roo, Rudy, Rockstar, Bubba, Baby and any combinations thereof. My horse, Miles occasionally gets called Meelo, Meatloaf, Grumpy and MooMoo.

    I have a nickname problem!,

  5. Isn't it funny how we all come up with ran on names for our pets!?