Monday, October 27, 2014

Catch Up

Ponies are all doing well.  Luxxx had a few really good hack days then was a turd the last time I rode him.  Such is the life of a three year old.  I am still battling his mane rubbing.  MTG was not working.  The apple vinegar and water mix that was recommended to me dried him out and thus more rubbing.  I am now using a dandruff/medicated shampoo and he seems to be not rubbing at the moment.  The cooler temps probably also help.  I also did a worm check and he is clear so that is ruled out.

Poppy is good too.  She is continuing in her same work program as I doubt we will show until December.  I would really like to move up a division for 2015 so I do need to starting working her over bigger jumps if I want to make that a reality.

I'm sucking at 2pointober.  I went backward.  13 seconds worse than the week prior.

I'm also still trying to help my friend sell his pinto mare.  I can't believe no one has scooped her up.

Last weekend

From the local show in September.


  1. Love that mare -- she's so stinkin' cute!!

  2. bummer about Luxxx's mane rubbing, hope he stops soon! and that mare is totally adorable!

  3. Oooh she does look good. Best of luck!

  4. Good luck moving Poppy up a level and tackling Luxxx's mane issues.
    That mare is adorbs, hope a lucky person finds her soon!