Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Tonight I hacked Poppy (coming 8 year old Hanovarian mare) and did a few small trot fences.  My plan for her this week is to work a little each day.  She felt pretty good tonight.  She still is a bit resistent to bend to the right at times.  When I really push her she gives in but she not as soft that direction initially.  We will continue to work on this.  As usually she jumped superbly.

Next up was Ketel (the coming 3 year old TB gelding).  I normally work him on the lunge line for a bit before I get on him.  Tonight it was getting late so I took a chance and skipped the lunge.  He was perfect.  Still takes alot to get him moving off my leg.  He likes to choose when we are done and just "park."  I am working through this with him and tonight he only managed to break from the trot once.  We spent about 20 minutes trotting each direction, making circles, and practicing steering.  He did well and I let him be done with just a short session.  Did I mention he is about 5-6 weeks off the track?  He is handling his new job so well, there is no need to push him. 

Working 2 horses was about all my time allowed for tonight.  The others just got pats, which never seems like enough.  It was 10pm by the time I finished feeding, cleaning stalls and the barn, and cleaning my tack.  Tomorrow I will work Poppy again and Tank.  Oh how I wish there was time to fit one more in...

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