Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poppy & Ketel

Today I hacked Poppy for the first time since we showed on Saturday.  I always like to give the horses a couple daays off after a show.  She was great.  We worked on counter cantering, leg yields, turning on the forehand, etc.  She is getting so much more rideable and adjustable over fences.  All this flat work helps.  I might jump her a little Friday.  We have another show May 4th so I likely won't do course work until closer to then.

Next up was Ketel.  Today I decided to just lunge him.  Yesterday I rode him and it was  the worst ride I had on him thus far.  He would not respond to my leg, would not bend or turn to the right, kept breaking, kept tripping because he wouldn't pick up his feet, etc.  I don't blame him, I blame myself.  I had not been on him in a week so he got used to not having a job and was just being a baby.  I finally decided to put him on the lunge.  He stated his opinion of having to work so close to dinner time by bucking at me and being obstinant.  I continued to work through it until I had some positive moments then let him be done.  So today I just lunged.  He was a champ.  Walked, trotted, and cantered.  This was the first time I got him to canter on the lunge on cue.  He has a beautiful canter too!  I felt so much better after this. 

I just really need to consistently get Ketel on my schedule.  It is so challenging to do so after I get home from work.  I only have time to ride 2 so someone gets left out.  My goal is to focus on getting Tank sold.  I enjoy working with my greenies and it is time for him to find someone that will give him all the attention and ride time that he deserves.  I haven't shown him in awhile and I know he misses it.  The challenge of selling horses is a whole nother blog for another time!

So tonight I am going to bed exhausted and weary but so happy with all the horses tonight.  It is such a great feeling after you have had a good ride!  Good night!

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