Friday, April 26, 2013

Rolex and World Cup Fever

I wanted to watch round 2 of the World Cup in Sweden soooo bad today.  It was live streamed on FEI Network but I'm not a member and really didn't want to join.  I absolutely LOVE Kent Farrington's horse Uceko.  His nickname is "Little Grey" and he just reminds me so much of Poppy.  Kent and Uceko had a rail today and are currently standing in 23rd place.  My other favorite pair Rich Fellers and Flexible had a refusal yesterday and a rail today so they are currently in 29th place.  Beezie Madden and Simon are currently in 2nd place.  So exciting.  How awesome would it be to have an American win 2 years in a row???

I don't even like eventing and I am all about Rolex.  Why?  Because of all the OTTB's.  You don't see them at the top of show jumping much anymore.  Not a single TB at The World Cup.  Not because a TB is not capable, but because Americans like to go to Europe to find their show jumpers.  But that is a post for another time...Anyway, I don't care for dressage yet I was watching it on live stream today and checking the standings regularly.  Tomorrow is cross country,  I will try to catch what I can but I would rather ride my horses than spend the day watching people ride online.  I will be hoping for an OTTB to come out on top though.  They have recently been getting all kinds of attention and a win would help the momentum to continue. 

So with all this excitement going on in equestrian sports how can you NOT be in the mood to ride?  Plus I got Poppy a new bit that I was eager to test out.  I was riding her at home in a 3 ring but it has become too much bit for her.  I ride her in a Waterford at the shows which she goes really well in so I would like to keep it as her show bit and find something for home.  So I bought a loose ring 3 jointed bit with a ball in tthe middle.  It is similiar to the Waterford so I thought we would give it a whirl.  I don't think she was fond of it but it was hard to tell so we need some more time in it.  She is fussy and fidgety on the flat anyway but today it was really bad and she keep yanking the reins.  But then hopping over the jumps she was fine.  So I think it warrants another try.  I hadn't jumped her since our show last weekend so I jumped a little bit.  She was still in horse show mode and had to clear the standards.  My husband built some 6 foot standards for me and all I know if that I am looking way down on them from the air!  I don't like to jump my horses too much at home.  It puts alot of wear and tear and them so I prefer to jump maybe 2 times per week.  Usually small the first time and bigger the next.  Then flat work on the other days. 

I'm exhausted from a long frustrating day at work.  I decided to only ride one tonight and groom Ketel.  It has bothered me that his mane lays on the wrong side so I braided it over on the right side.  Those braids make him look so silly that I hope I can take them out Sunday.  He has a thin mane so I don't think it will take long to train his mane.  He is looking less like a race horse.  I've had him 8 weeks tomorrow.  I wish he would put more weight on but it will just take time.  Hmmm, I wonder if tomorrow we will canter???????????

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