Thursday, April 18, 2013

Much Better

I was so frustrated with my riding yesterday! Today I decided to ride Poppy and work on lengthening her stride and getting to the jumps. She of course was great but I finally saw my distances and stopped pulling her. I have this annoying habit of when I don't see a distance I pull. I pull until we are so deep it is just ugly. Today I kicked instead of pulling. And what do you know, I saw a distance! What a concept! Poppy was great so I let her be done and then groomed the other horses.  I will jump her a bit bigger tomorrow as we prepare to show Sat.  Tomorrow will be a busy day getting the horses ridden, tack cleaned, hook of trailer, then load everything for Saturday.  I keep watching the weather too, unfortunately is looks like rain on Sat.  I am praying it holds off until late afternoon when I am done riding.  That of course won't be my luck though. 

I am so in love with Ketel.  He is just so sweet and well behaved.  When I finished grooming him I stood about a foot from him and made kissy noises until he came to me and let me kiss his muzzle.  I can't believe this guy is just turning 3 this month!  He stands so quietly while I groom him or clip his muzzle.

I feel bad for Tank because I haven't ridden him.  I told myself I will ride him tomorrow. 

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