Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5 Day Challenge Day 4

Quick update.  I hacked Poppy this evening. She was sort of fussy and not being her usual self.  She eventually settled in though.  I chalked it up to the extreme drop in temperature, being dark, neighbor's cow shrieking like one it was in labor, etc until I got off and realized I never hooked my running martingale through the reins.  I'm sure she didn't appreciate it flopping around.  That was definitely a sign I have way too much going on as I am trying to get things done at work, Christmas shop, horse show, wrap gifts, & mail cards out all before Christmas.

16. One thing you’d like to change about your horse

Tank: that he wasn't so ticklish and was easier to body clip, especially his legs.
Poppy: that she liked kisses.  She will not let me kiss her nose and I hate that.
Ketel: that he kept a cleaner stall.  Uhg his stall is a nightmare to clean.
Hobbs: that he didn't have Cushings.
Cotton: that he walked faster.  My goodness is takes forever to walk him out to his pasture.  The guy goes nowhere in a hurry.

17. Your horse’s future

Tank:  I don't know.  I would like to sell him to someone that will show him and ride him more than I have time for but part of me doesn't want to.
Poppy:  after this show season I hope to move her up to the low jr/am jumpers.
Ketel: he's 3 so not sure yet.  I will focus on bringing him along this spring and hitting all the local non rated shows I can with him.  I need to free up some of my time so selling him is a possibility.
Hobbs: he will continue to enjoy his retirement.
Cotton:  be cute, eat, keep Poppy company.

18. Your worst show ever

Oh boy.  excuse the long rant please.  Last fall I decided to take Poppy and Tank to a local unrated show for fun and get Poppy some mileage.  I went sans trainer with a friend who also brought her 2 jumpers.  We shipped in the day of and our classes went about 5-6 hours later than anticipated.  It was grueling waiting all day and the ring steward was clueless.  My friend and I got tired of waiting and went to get our horses and ride whatever height they were on (which was 2'6 at the time).  When we returned shortly thereafter we were being screamed at that they were waiting on us.  They skipped the division I planned to show Poppy in and had to show her at higher height which she had not shown in.  I took Tank in first, was told the wrong number of steps down a line across the diagnal.  I got to the jump on a slice and I think Tank thought we were jumping into the stands.  He panicked and I got body slammed into the jump.  I hit my wrist hard and it immediately bruised and swelled.  I got back on and got him around the second course.  Then I had to get on Poppy with my throbbing wrist.  At this point they were screaming at me to hurry and only let me jump 3 jumps before taking a green horse in for her first time jumping 3'6 at a show.  Thankfully she is a gem.  X rays showed my wrist was not broken fortunately.  I was sure to write a letter to management voicing my displeasure for their rude and unprofessional behavior.  They did not care and I will not be giving them my money in the future.  I have never been treated so horribly.

19. Favorite horse show venue

Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, GA (Atlanta).  It is the same venue where the 1996 Olympics were held.  I think it is so cool to ride in the same arena.

20. Your show day routine

For an away show where I get a stall versus ship in this is my routine: I typically get to the show early so I can feed, clean stall(s), dump water, and walk whatever horse(s) I have there.  I check my ring and get a good idea of what time I go.  I like to have the horses groomed and ready in plenty of time.  If I go later then I typically watch friends' trips and help my trainer.  After I show the horse gets cleaned, vetrolin bath, dried, and legs get poulticed and wrapped.  I stay to feed and get the horses settled in for the night.  Then it starts all over the next day!


  1. You showed where the Olympics were held? Awesome!

    1. Yes I showed Hobbs many times at that venue. Classic Company holds a bunch of shows there. The ring is amazing!

  2. There is NOTHING worse at a show than rude management.