Thursday, December 26, 2013

M. Toulouse Stirrup Leathers Product Review

Per Smartpak "Stirrup Leathers to match the Toulouse saddles, and designed by Marcel Toulouse, Master French Saddler. These half hold lined leathers are made of fine calfskin with a nylon lining for years of use. Buckle end is riveted in a metal sleeve to reduce bulk under your leg for a closer contact in the saddle."

These are my favorite stirrup leathers.  I purchased my second pair at the horse show last weekend.  They match my Anatares saddle, they are not bulky, they are soft, the last pair lasted about 4 years (riding multiple horses, 6 days a week), and they are reasonably priced.  At the tack store they were priced at $104 and were an additional 20% off (yeah sale).  Smartpak has them for $102 and Dover at $99.

I also had the tack store make me this bracelet.  I.  Love.  It.  In fact I am wearing it right now...