Friday, December 6, 2013

Hooray it's Friday!!!!

I am so excited the weekend is here.  I have a fun filled weekend planned of riding, getting feed and hay, riding, maybe some laundry, riding, maybe some house cleaning, and riding.  I can't wait to ride with the sun out and get some jumping in!  I was able to ride Poppy in the dark.  Ok under the spot lights from the house and yes I rode around my yard.  Desperation calls for desperate measures.  

 The joy of owning a grey (although husband loves to point out she isn't grey anymore).  How does something so pretty love sleeping in poop?  She is not body clipped, from 10 feet away I think I can pull off not clipping her for next weekend's show.  Right???  Please say yes!

I just found out that Winter Series in January will be 3 weeks instead of 4.  Since it is starting a week later than I thought that gives me an extra week to procrastinate clipping.

Lastly a picture of baby Ketel.  He is just the cutest.

Hope you have a great weekend and happy riding!


  1. I think you can pull off not clipping - especially for jumpers!

    1. She doesn't look awful but it definitely goes against my believe of being perfectly turned out.

  2. Grays always know how to get extra dirty!!!

    Yay for the extra week to prep!