Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rainy Weekend

It has been sort of a miserable rainy weekend.  The only thing positive is that the temps have been warm.  

In the afternoon it cleared up enough that I could work Tank and Ketel.  I haven't done much with Ketel since last month so it's time to get him going.  I worked with him on the lunge.  I will do this a few times before before getting on him.  He was good, a few bucks and galloping but nothing bad.  He also got some pampering---pulled his mane and clipped his muzzle and ears.

I lunged Tank before I got on but he was still wild.  Rightfully so after having 2 weeks off.  He wasn't naughty, just full of himself.  This is the downside of when I'm showing, the others sort of get neglected.

It was getting dark so Poppy got the day off.  She will be in full swing this week as we get ready for our next show.  I also ordered new clipper blades so I can clip her next weekend.

Hope you had a good weekend.  Did you get to ride?


  1. I'm still on vacation in South Florida now, so no riding for me :-( I'm sure Libby will be equally as full of herself when I get back after having a bit of time off...

  2. Flying back to the West Coast after the never ending Holiday so no riding for me!

  3. I got lots of riding in :) Hope the clipping goes well.