Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Back Into the Swing of It

I finally feel like I am back into my routine.  I got home from work late last night but was able to squeeze in a quick hack on Poppy before it was too dark.  She was good and more relaxed than over the weekend.  When it was pitch black out (Dear Santa, lights pretty please???) I did lateral work at the walk.  She was receptive and responsive.  Though it was a short ride I was happy with her for tolerating riding in the dark.  

I hated not getting any riding in on Tank so I lunged him.  They can see in the dark right??  He was good and surprisingly quiet.  I hope I can get home in time to ride him tonight.

Ketel just got a groom job last night.  I will give him a couple more days and then see if he is trotting sound.

I am still in shock it is December.  A month away from Winter Series starting.  I am hoping the 2 shows I am doing this month will prep us for it.  4 straight weeks of showing at Winter Series is a lot so the less classes we do the less tired she will get.  Our NAL Classic is generally on the last day so the idea is to have her fresh for that class.  You don't want to do a lot of classes Fri and Sat and have rails in the Classic.  If I want to qualify for NAL finals I need some good placings to rack up the points.  But...when I put pressure on myself I tend to ride crappy so I need to also remember the big picture is to have fun.  

Enough babbling.  Here's another pic...

This is why I can't put studs in her front shoes.  And silly mare hates the stud guard girth I bought her.  Such a diva...


  1. She's a beautiful jumper. Look at that tuck!

  2. Poppy is a beast!!!! You guys will do great at the shows :)

  3. Daaaang girl... she got a little close to the rail ;) hehe!

    Sometimes I swear Henry is better in the dark then he is in the light! So yes they can totally see!