Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Horses and Husbands

Maybe once every six months my husband gets home from work early. Instead of yay someone is home and I don't have to ride alone, I feel guilty for ignoring him and don't ride so I can see him for more than 5 minutes on a week day.  So he hung out in the barn while I fed and did stalls (probably just to assess if I have acquired more horses).  When non-horsey husband gets around horses this is what happens.


  1. My semi-horsey sister gave Nancy coke on Sunday. Must have been some hung in the air this week ;-)
    I think Luxxx could become a convert as he went back for more after initial face pulling ☺

    1. Aren't they all? Kika eats bananas with the skin, or even the skin without the banana & melon - she loves a bit of melon...although not the rinds i don't think. Honestly she is a savage - Nancy has a bit more of a selective palate, but will still give most things a fair shake & at least try them all once ;-)

  2. At least you passed the horse number check! :)

  3. I made a similar face when first trying beer :)

  4. Bahaha checking to see if you acquired more horses ;)