Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hobbs Update & Final Parlanti Boots Review

Thank you for all the well wishes on Hobbs!  He seems to be much better and is only slightly tender footed when walking on the concrete.  Fortunately he doesn't have to do that much.  I am weaning him off the bute and will see how he feels without it.  I definitely don't feel that he is ready to leave this world yet.  I know my friend suggested it to let me know it's ok to let him go and not to feel guilty about it.  I will take it day by day.  One thing is for certain, Luxxx, Poppy, & I will miss him terribly.

I spent the entire time at the show in my Parlanti boots.  Last time I wrote about them I was not thrilled with them.  I have had the boots for almost 2 months now and they are FINALLY broken in!!  I schooled and showed in them and they are finally comfortable.  This has taken riding in them at home several days a week for almost 2 months.  They are beautiful though.  I love the soft leather, tight fit, and minimal wrinkles.  At $967 with tax and with my discount they are less than custom Vogels.  Now I just have to see if they have the longevity that my Vogels did.


  1. Wow, I'm surprised it took them so long to break in! And glad to hear Hobbs is feeling better.

    1. I had one person tell me it took her 2 rides to break hers in and another said it took a year.

  2. Glad you like the boots even if they did take forever and a day to break in.

  3. Sheesh! That's quite a while to break in... but they are beautiful!!

  4. 2 months, yikes! My La Mundials took significantly less time (though I don't recommend ordering from them anytime soon)

  5. nice boots! and i'm so glad Hobbs is feeling better. good luck with him!