Friday, September 26, 2014

Blogger Etiquette

As a new blogger I have no idea what blogger etiquette is.  Heck I didn't even know what blogging was until 192 posts ago.  I love when you more seasoned bloggers write about blogging so I can get ideas and learn to improve.  I have found that it is challenging to write about something (my life) and keep it interesting  when I don't think my life is all that interesting.  I work, I ride, and I play house keeper for a zoo of animals.  And I try to get the horses to some shows.  So I know the most important thing is keeping it interesting.  Keeping it real.  But what else?

I love Lauren's post of What You Would Say On Your Blog.  As someone who works in the head shrinking field, I found the responses to be fascinating.  And some broke my heart.

But some responses made me wonder, am I breaking Blogger Etiquette?  For instance, using initials.  Yes, I'm vague about who I train with.  This blog isn't about them and maybe they don't want to be blogged about so I don't mention names.  It's not being secretive because let's be honest.  If you really wanted to know things you could look me or my horse up with USEF or look up horse show results.  But are initials breaking some sort of etiquette?

And how much revealing is too much?  Or not enough?  I suppose there is no answer for that one. It's an individual decision.  

Are there rules?  Is there an unspoken etiquette? Enlighten me please...


  1. I think it's a personal thing, how comfortable you feel revealing the more personal identifying characteristics about your life. For instance, I've learned the hard way to be more conservative about writing about trainers and such (therefore I only use initials) and I don't talk about the name of my barn or specifically where I am located. However, I've become much less conservative about identifying myself. I used to go by my nickname but now I don't care so much. I'm even friends with several bloggers on Fbook and met up with bloggers in RL. I don't think there is or should be a true etiquette. Your blog, your life. Do what you think is best:)

  2. Lauren had posts about blogger etiquette but I think there is nothing wrong with using initials, that isn't a faux pas in my opinion.

  3. Your blog, your rules. I think it's up to everyone to reveal as much or as little as they're comfortable with, and the only person who has to be happy with your reasoning is you (and, I suppose, the people you're blogging about). The idea of "blog etiquette" is a little silly IMO.

    1. True. And I think you shouldn't say anything about a person that you haven't already discussed with them.

  4. I use initials too, although it wouldn't be very hard to figure out who I'm talking about. But I think it's a nice courtesy to those who I'm close with that don't read my blog or wish the be blogged about.

  5. This is the post I wrote a while ago that L is referring to -->

    I don't think it matters whether you 'out' your trainer or not. I don't say explicitly who I train with, but it would take someone 5 minutes of deducing to figure it out. My theory is that my blog is my choice to put shit out on the internet, and I don't want to drag my trainer or barn friends into that without asking their permission.

    Like Amanda said, your blog your rules. Everyone approaches things a little bit differently!

  6. i agree with the 'your blog your rules' sentiment 100%. whatever you're comfortable sharing.

    i am typically more vague (ie initials) with the places i'm going to on a routine basis. as in, every saturday i'm in this exact location at this time. that's more about my feelings re: internet safety than protecting the identity of my trainers. (not that it's hard to figure out where i am anyway... but still)

    all that really matters to me re: etiquette is that i am not writing stuff that would embarrass me (or be perceived as hurtful) if someone i knew read it.

  7. I use initials. I even make them intentionally vague so they won't be solved by a 5 minute internet search, but probably would by a 10 minute one. ;-) I don't actively post my location because that seems a little weird and I don't advertise my barn for the same reasons. I don't want my blog to come up if someone is googling boarding or training in my area. I'm not an advertisement, good or bad, for those businesses.

    It's all what you're comfortable with. At the end of the day, I don't think anyone is sorting through hundreds of horse-y themed blogs posts looking for someone to actually stalk, so you're probably fine.