Monday, September 8, 2014

In Which Not Riding Has Come to Bite Me

Do you remember that blog post where I said it was a rough day so I took a break from riding?  You know, that day where it was sunny, beautiful, dry, and perfect tempts?  Well it rained and rained on Friday so I didn't get to ride.  Then rained some more on Saturday.   When I rode Poppy Saturday afternoon it was really too wet to jump more than a few small jumps.  Then it rained really bad Sunday.  And now it's 80% chance of rain today. So here I am 10 days out from my next A show with Poppy and I have not jumped her 3'6 in 2 months.  This could be a problem.  I hate Florida.  I read about the lack of rain in California and I am jealous.  Someone told me we have had 7 inches of rain this week!

I also rode Luxxx on Saturday.  He still plays and bucks on the lunge line before I ride then acts really exhausted when I get on.  He's getting much better on bending and steering.  He takes alot of leg and wants to be a corner cutter.  With the greenies I use alot of opening of the rein to steer versus pulling.  At the canter he is really tough to keep going.  My rule is that when he breaks to the trot he has to make one trip around the paddock without breaking to quit.  That can take some time.  We also have to work on smoother transitions.  When you say whoa he halts.  That's nice and all but slightly  abrupt.  And if I cough even he interprets that as whoa.  When I get off I have gotten in the habit of kissing him on his star as a "thank you for not killing me."  He's so cute, he looks for his kiss now.  

While I was riding Poppy Saturday Luxxx was doing his usual freaking out in his stall because she left the barn and he hit his head on the top of his window (which is block) so now he has a boo boo.  But with the silver paint meds it makes his star look big.

It looks like this week's riding schedule will be dependent on the weather.  If you know of any rituals to get the rain to go away let me know.  I'd try anything at this point.


  1. yikes, what a bummer about all that rain. i've definitely been in the same spot before (now i actually check the weather forecast before i talk my way out of riding)... is it possible to haul out for rides in a nearby indoor?

    1. Indoors are not common in my town. And the one I know of doesn't have any jumps in it. I also really can't take any more time off from work to haul anywhere since I am already taking time off for the show. Sigh...

  2. Rain sucks, but not having rain sucks for different reasons. I hope you can get some rides in before the show!

  3. Sure fire way to make the rain stop is to make indoorsy non-horsey plans ;-)
    All jokes aside, I hope a dry spell hits so you can get some practice in. Shall keep everything crossed for you guys.

    Ps: sending speedy healing vibes to Luxxx

  4. California (or me at least) is jealous of you, I would happily take your FL rain away from you.

  5. Florida has a speshul way of just messing with riding plans on the reg

  6. Too bad you couldn't ride! Hey, I was wondering if you would like Poppy and Luxxx to feature in my horse breed school project. Email my for more info.