Monday, September 15, 2014

Horse Show Prep

Finally weather was on my side and the rain stayed away Friday and Saturday!  Friday I hacked Poppy and jumped her around a bit to prep for some bigger course work Saturday.  She has gotten where I just feel like she hates flat work and is uninterested until we jump.  She jumped great on Friday.  Really using herself over the jumps and listening to me.  Also nailing the turns despite the grass still being mushy.

Saturday I put the jumps up to 3'9.  One vertical may have been a bit bigger.  I would have liked to have jumped bigger than that but it was soooo hot out I just couldn't push her.  I like to always school bigger at home so that the jumps seem smaller at the shows.  Had the weather cooperated earlier in the week... 

I rode Luxxx on Saturday and he was a good baby.  Still working on bending and steering.  He is much better with contact to the left.  To the right he's a giraffe.  We will get there one day though.  It's so tough to keep him cantering.  Plus his stride is huge so in the small paddock it's harder to keep momentum.  He's ready to go work out in the jump field but I'm not sure that I am.

The plan for this week, weather permitting, is to hack Monday and Tuesday.  I will either take Poppy over to the show Wednesday or really, really early Thursday morning. 

Here's another photo from the same show last year.


  1. Glad it dried up enough for you to jump around some! Y'all will be rockstars at the show (or Popstars rather!).

  2. glad you were finally able to get in some practice rounds! best of luck at the show!

  3. Last years photo looks great, sure you'll look even better this year :)

  4. Glad you got in the schooling you wanted! Good luck at the show!