Thursday, September 12, 2013

Almost Friday Woop Woop!

I rode Kete for the first time since he has come home from my trainer's barn.  I rode him Tuesday and Wedneday and he was great.  We have so much to work on but the fact that he is moving forward makes me happy.  He is so unbalanced and trips alot.  I am attributing this to the fact that he is butt high at the moment (by almost 3 inches).  I am hoping after this growth spurt his balance/tripping  improves.  I am planning to take him to his first show in a couple weeks.  I will decide what to take him in once we get there and see how he is.  I am hoping to do cross rails however even if I just school him and don't show that will be fine.  He needs the get the exposure of being at a show.  It will be an unrated H/J show run by one of our local organizations. 

This week I've also alternated riding Poppy and Tank.  Both have been great.  Hopped Tank over some jumps last night, his first time since pulling his shoe and a chunk of hoof off.  He was full of himself but so fun to ride.  Tonight I rode Ms. Poppy.  I am taking her over to the show on Wednesday of next week so I am sticking to our pre-show plan/workouts.  I jumped her around a little tonight, only about 3 ft.  Saturday I am hoping for no rain so I can put the jumps up big.  I like to jump a little bigger than we will be showing to tune her and then the jumps at the show always look smaller too.  I will also make sure she is clipped and touch up her mane Saturday.  Saturday will be busy with getting all the horses ridden and then the ultra fun job of de-cobwebbing the barn.  It's to the point of embarrassing.  I tried to pay my 15 year old neighbor the come over and do it but that was over a month ago so I am assumming she doesn't want/need the money because it's still not done.  I'm not looking forward to it...

I tried to take some pictures after I rode tonight.  Whenever mine see my phone/camera they immediately come in for a close up.  So I can never get a good shot.

Fine, I will perk my ears up if you stop waving your gloves in the air...

Here take a picture of this side...

If you don't have a cookie, I want no part of this...


  1. TGIF! Love Poppy, she's so cute!

  2. Poppy is adorable. Simon does the same thing, except he'd rather nibble my phone than be in for a close up.

  3. Pretty pony and pretty bridle! Seriously Henry comes in to see what I am taking pictures of when I take out my phone lol!