Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Am I packed? Hahahaha that's funny...

I got home from work and hacked both Tank and Poppy.  Then by the time I fed and cleaned stalls it was already after 9pm.  Uhg.  I at least cleaned my tack but I have done nothing else.  I am taking Poppy over to the show in the morning.  True to form, before I leave I have to:
  • go to the feed store and get hay
  • unload hay
  • maybe grocery store?
  • hook up trailer
  • load trailer with trunk and tack
  • clean golf cart
  • pack feed and hay for show
  • roll wraps (which are in the dryer as I type)
  • wrap and load horse
  • load golf cart
And my goal is to be pulling out by 10/10:30am.  Want to take any bets if THAT happens???