Tuesday, September 3, 2013

HP Blog Hop: A Circuit Horse You Would Love to Own

Part 2 of  the Blog Hop.  What horse showing on the AA Circuit would you love to own?

There are many upper level jumpers that I like to follow.  My current favorite is Kent Farrington's mount Uceko. 

His nickname is "Little Grey."  Part of the reason I love him is that he reminds me of Poppy, but mainly because he is just amazing.  Quick, tight, and a huge jump.

I enjoy watching the hunter derbies and on occasion I think that I would like to own a derby horse.  I really have no desire to ride in the hunters but it would be fun to watch my trainer ride one for me.  Of the derby horses my favorite is Jersey Boy.  This picture was actually taken at a horse I where I was competing and I was able to watch him.  He was just as amazing in person.