Monday, September 9, 2013

Non-Horsey S.O.'s

Sometimes I envy those that have horsey S.O.'s (not that I would trade mine).  If mine was maybe he would understand this horse obsession a little better.  He thinks it is completely insane.  He's right.  I equate horses to a crack addiction.  It's expensive, you always want more horses, more shows, more clothes, more tack, and you can justify the hell out of why you need all those things.  I can horse show all day then come home and spend the evening watching a big class somewhere in the world on the USEF Network online (this REALLY drives S.O. nuts).

When we met I had one horse and I boarded with my trainer which is a high end full care H/J barn.  I spent a moderate amount of time at the barn and was slowing down with showing as Hobbs was getting older.  Once we bought property and built a barn it was on.  I grew from 1 horse to 5. 

I sort of took on the perspective that it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.  I seriously put him to the test when I bought Poppy.  I told him nothing.  While he was at work I brought her home.  I thought I could buy a few days before he noticed. 

Yup, that is me
He didn't talk to me for 2 weeks.  It also didn't help that during the same week I bought Poppy I brought home a puppy (dog #4) when he told me no.  Although I envy those with horsey S.O.'s that get to ride together, show together, buy horses together, etc they probably can't do the things my non-horsey S.O. can.  He thinks the horses are ridiculous however he lives in the middle of nowhere on acreage for me.  He endures the smell of horses, maintains my truck, trailer, golf cart, and all the other joys that go along with horses and horse showing.  I don't ask him to take care of the horses when I am away at a show but he can feed or turn out a horse if need be.  He doesn't come to the shows with me and I am ok with that.  I kind of like hanging out with my friends there all day and not hearing "are you done yet" or "how much did that cost?"  Although he thinks horses are ridiculous he always asks how I did.  He might ask how the truck ran first, but he does ask.  Even when I got home from lessoning on Saturday he came over to the barn and asked how Poppy did.  Or maybe he came over to count horses.  I'm not sure (yes there was the one time I took Poppy to lesson and came home with another horse.  But that's another story).  Soon after he came over my eye rolling at the non-horsey S.O. began.  See Ketel is still new to shipping and I have a step up trailer.  Not all horses take to the step down when unloading.  I tried to convince him to unload backing up versus turning around and coming off.  The trailer is tight and it is not pretty when he turns around.  But he would not have it.  He was not backing off the thing.  S.O. steps in and decides he can get him off (you see he had a horse once when he was like 10 for a whole summer so he is an expert).  Ketel planted and would not move.  S.O. pushes and then we had a stand off.  Trying to explain to him that it's ok, he's 3 years old, he is scared, by letting him just turn around and unload is not letting him "win" fell on deaf ears.  This is when I think "oh why didn't I marry a horse person?"  But I will admit it was hilarous watching the stand off and S.O. thinking he could push the Ketel off all while telling him to stop biting Poppy's butt (she was still patiently waiting on the trailer during all this).
Do you ever envy those with horsey S.O's?  What are your challenges with a non-horsey S.O.?  Oh and what about non-horsey friends???  That's another topic for another day...
Quick update on the horses.  I just rode Tank tonight.  I felt like he has been a bit neglected so I spent time grooming, clipping, and riding.  He was a good boy. 
When he got out of his stall I notived he was stocked up behind.  This is not normal for him.

After riding, puffiness gone
I suspect the stocking up could be due to a supplement I started Tank on.  I am going to stop it for a few days and see what happens.  My horses get regular turnout and work so it is not typical for any of them to have stocking. 
Ketel worked Tues- Sat of last week so I think he deserves a couple of days off. Poppy too.


  1. LOL to the pic. I can imagine I will have the same expression some day in a similar situation...

  2. I defi don't ask permission for anything but I'm also not married so don't know.. but I actually prefer to have non-horsey SO.. lol

    1. I don't think it's in me to ask for permission lol! It is definitely nice at times to have a hobby to call your own and not something "shared." My mother recently pointed out to me at a show though that I have gone beyond a hobby at this point :)

  3. My husband took lessons for two months. He is an animal lover and an adrenaline junkie, so he had visions of rescuing OTTBs for the jumpers. He quit before he was cantering under saddle, because (and I quote) "this shit is too damn hard." That being said, he comes to the barn when I ask, will come to shows when I ask (especially if there is wifi and he can work on his computer when I'm not riding) and he rarely complains about it all.

    All that being said, if I got another horse without telling him it would be way more than 2 weeks before he started talking to me again!

    1. Haha! We joke about it now. He was more mad about the puppy who is now his "baby" and he likes Poppy too. He usually watches me ride her on weekends. I definitely don't condone what I did. The next horse I bought I told him what my plans were. It was the right thing to do. I have a full barn so no more new horses for awhile!

  4. I should have my hubby read this.. he doesn't get horses at all. Thinks it's crazy how much I spend on them and the time I invest.

    I try to explain to him that I don't like my job and this is the one things outside of him and our daughter that I love... he loves his job so going to work every day is fun for him.

    Also that it makes me a better wife and mom if I have something that is me and not for everyone else :)

    Some days he's a great support but others, yeah not good. lol

    1. I think that unless you are horse obsessed like we are you don't truly get it. I have learned to focus on the little things my husband does. Although he's not at the shows holding my horse he made sure my trailer and truck tires had air or checked on the horses while I was gone or is still here after I have filled a 5 stall barn with horses :)