Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hunter Princess Blog Hop- Your Ideal Show Outfit

Part 3 of the Hunter Princess Blog Hop: if money was no object what would your show outfit wish list be.

For me I show frequently and compete at A rated shows so I do try to look nice.  I am on a budget so I try to find items on sale and take care of them so they last.  I don't really have a "wish list."  I like the things I have and don't really drool of the things I can't afford.  Even if I could afford them I don't see the point in spending that kind of money.

First I LOVE my GPA speed air helmet.  It keeps me cool living in hot humid FL and it's comfy.
In non money classes I wear a nice polo shirt.  In the classics I wear a show shirt.  All of mine are Essex brand.  Farm House Tack Shop is awesome for having great sales on them.

I'm still switching over to the new snap collars.  I have a hard time justifying getting new shirts when there is nothing wrong with the ones I own.  I tend to stick with pastel colors.  Lots of pinks, blues, and yellow.  I wear a white shirt for my larger money classes.

I love Marigold show jackets.  They are comfy and I love their colors. I typically choose a navy color.

But if we are talking money is no object I wouldn't mind an Alessandro Albanese custom coat.
For breeches I only wear Tailored Sportsman.  I have both front and side zip.

If money were no object I would probably try a pair of Pikeurs.

For belts I like bling.  My trainer hates it so my goal is to try and find barrel racer big buckle bling and make her roll her eyes at me.

I supposed if I chose to be more conservative I like the Tailored Sportsman belts.

And for boots I have custom Vogels.  I really wouldn't choose anything else.

Here's my getup.

Lastly I also believe in proper turn out whether it be in the show ring or schooling.  My biggest pet peeve is looking sloppy.  Tuck in your shirt and wear a belt.  If you are schooling at a show, wear a collared shirt.  But ALWAYS look clean and neat.


  1. You look great, and that custom coat is goooooooorgeous. Completely agree with proper turn out. It's not hard (or expensive) to look neat and tidy.

    1. Thanks! Isn't it? I love the lining! There are definitely budget friendly ways to do this sport. The coat I''m wearing was $70 clearance at Farm House. LOVE them!!

  2. I do love those Tailored Sportsman quilted belts!