Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hunter Princess Blog Hop- Your Dream Horse Shows

We all have certain horse shows that we admire and wish we could compete at. Some of them seem more attainable than others, and this week for the Hunter Princess Blog Hop I’m asking what shows would you want to do if you had a nice enough horse, all the vacation time you needed and a big budget for traveling and coaching fees.

Easy peasy...INDOORS!!!  I would LOVE to ride at Harrisburg (PA National Horse Show).  I qualified for NAL Adult Jumper Finals twice in the past and passed on going due to the ginormous expense.  I have always regretted it.

I would also love to show at The Washington International Horse Show.  I used to go and watch it as a kid.  Who doesn't dream of showing there?
Too bad the National Horse Show moved from NY to KY.  That would have been awesome too.  People that I know that showed there said it was a nightmare.  Shipping in, walking the horses down the streets of NYC, then having schooling times in the middle of the night.  Totally worth it though!!
I also for some reason really want to show at The Hampton Classic.  Maybe to spot a celebrity.  I don't know, just one of the shows on my bucket list.


  1. I used to watch the Washington International Horse Show Grand Prix on TV as a kid. I loved the Sea World jump and the Budweiser beer jump :)

  2. Yes! The traveled with the circuit I believe. You can walk the course at the American Invitational and I actually have pics of them lol!

  3. Oooh, The Hampton would be tons of fun!

  4. Those are some big shows! I would love to compete in any of those, especially Washington or the National.

  5. If you qualify for NAL again you should go!

    1. Would love to. I will probably join NAL this year and see how I do in the points. It is just an extremely expensive show to go to :/

  6. I want to go! I'll groom for you ;)