Thursday, September 5, 2013

I have video!!!

I got to cut out of work early and go see Ketel.  He had his teeth floated yesterday and I shamelessly photographed his  missing teeth.  The dentist removed 2 of his caps.  The adult teeth are coming in but he still looks funny.

I took lots of videos of my trainer N riding Ketel today.  I only had time to put the jumping ones together so far.  I will work on gettting together the flat work ones.  But here he is jumping!!!
Still alot to work on, but not shabby for his second time jumping.  He's weak behind so he needs lots of flat work to build that up.  He is in a growth spurt and is very butt high at the moment so that doesn't help either.  I am planning to ride him there on Saturday. 

I got home and rode Poppy.  She was great as I suspected she would be.  She obviously needs a tune up before our next show so I am going to take her for a lesson Saturday.  It was incredibly hot today so I also have to share of picture of Puff hogging Poppy's fan.

Poppy says, "Hey, you're blocking my wind!"

A bad storm rolled in so I didn't get to ride Tank.  Hopefully tomorrow!

Happy Friday!


  1. Go Ketel!! Looking awesome!

    Bahahaha love the last pic!

    Hope the weather holds for ya tomorrow!