Monday, August 11, 2014

And We Ride

Friday was literally the day from hell.  I got home from work late to find Baby L's left hind leg swollen.  Fortunately he was not lame but it was big and puffy with some heat.  I cold hosed it which helped and with his over night turn out I hoped it would go down more.  With all that I wasn't up to riding.

Saturday I rode Poppy and she was not herself.  She was spooking at everything.  Every few seconds.  So she got her butt worked pretty hard.  She finished on a good note but I don't know what was up with her behavior.  I'm guessing that was her being wild.

A friend of mine was going to be in the area so I asked her to come help me with Baby L.  First I lunged him under tack then I got on and had her lunge me while I rode.  Holy cow his stride is huge.  He was really good.  He has zero steering.  Fortunately he stops great.  Lastly I tried just walking him around and wow the lack of steering.  That will obviously be priority.  

I am hoping I can continue to get someone to come over and lunge him with me on him.  

The swelling in his leg always went down with hosing and work and he isn't lame on it.  He acts like an idiot when I ride Poppy so I think maybe on Thursday he kicked the wall.  By Sunday the swelling was almost gone.

Sunday is always my cleaning and laundry day.  I also had to go to the feed store so there wasn't enough time in the day to ride.  Hopefully the rain stays away this week and I can work the ponies!


  1. Aw congrats on riding Luxxx at home! He looks so much more mature than he did even a few months ago :)

  2. Woohoo - he looks smashing, hopefully the leg heals up asap & Poppy refinds her groove :)

  3. Seriously he looks great!! And yay for friends help :)

  4. Sometimes they just have to have a wild day. Mine was Saturday.