Thursday, August 7, 2014

Repeat after me

I do not need another horse.  I do not need another horse.  I do not need another horse.  I am saying this over and over to myself.  I rode M's pinto mare tonight and I like her more every time I ride her.  She is so fun and well broken for a 4 yo.  We worked on leg yields at the trot and lead changes tonight.  She is only changing up front but getting the idea and swapping behind after a quick trot step.  She will have it in no time.  I really hope someone I know buys her so I can see her progress.

Since I have been back from vacay have worked my own horses a few times too..  Poppy is doing well and we are just hacking and jumping maybe once a week.  I will keep this program with her until we get closer to our next show in September.

I have been lunging Luxxx this week but haven't climbed aboard yet.  M says he will come over this weekend and help.  L  is doing well with his ground manners.  He is now cross tying in the wash rack, backing, and respecting my personal space.  

Lastly my heart goes out to a few of my blogger friends.  Dealing with hurt horses is stressful and heartbreaking.  Thinking about each of you ❤


  1. Resale project? :) does everyone ever really NEED a horse?!?

  2. Ooh I feel your pain, that head shot was stunning and she sounds like a dream. I agree with shemovedtotexas, but prob best not to listen to friends call me a terrible enabler!

  3. Now you're just being ridiculous. EVERYONE NEEDS ANOTHER HORSE.

  4. That money isn't going to spend itself. Everyone needs another horse.