Tuesday, August 26, 2014


One of the many joys of keeping my horses at home (note sarcasm) is having to be around when someone comes to work on them.  So I scheduled the Equine Dentist to come at 9 am yesterday so I could go into work afterward.  The dentist arrived at 10:30 grrrrr.  All four horses were due.  All but one were well behaved.  Any guess on who the naughty one was???  If you guessed Baby Luxxx I would understand.  That's who I expected to be naughty but no, he was quite well behaved (shocking).  It was Poppy.  My perfect little grey princess was a fire breathing dragon for the dentist.  The dentist resisted calling her any names but I could tell he was thinking them...Maybe she was getting him back for me for being so late???

Luxxx's baby molars were loose and popped out.  Husband thinks I am weird for keeping them but it's a fur baby memento!

Poor Hobbs is having a rough week.  He was a little off on Saturday and has gotten progressively worse.  I'm pretty sure it's an abscess so I'm soaking and packing his foot.  He can hardly walk.  At 25 years old he is a bit slow anyway but now it's just sad.  He has cushings and apparently abscesses are common for horses with cushings plus add all of our wet weather.

Ouchy foot is forward

Hopefully the abscess will pop soon and give the poor old man some relief.  I'm getting some meds from the vet today to make him more comfortable.

Thank you for your interest in how I'm able to show on a budget.  It starts with trying to save money any way I can.  This then leaves me with more money to show.  I will try to write more in this soon and interject where I can as I did in yesterday's post.


  1. Aw, I love Hobbs. Sweet old man! Hope he's feeling more spry soon

  2. naughty Poppy!! lol. and yes - hope Hobbs gets better soon!

  3. I almost kept Sadie's wolf teeth but the BO's little girl really wanted them (okaaaaaay weird kid?) so I let her have them. So I don't think it's strange at all!