Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Vacay Cures All...

...at least for a little while.

We went on our annual scalloping trip with friends for 4 days off the Gulf Coast of Florida.  We take 2 of our dogs (the other 2 are not boating dogs) and we spend 4 days catching scallops.

If you have never been scalloping let me explain.  You snorkel in the crystal clear gulf water and simply dive down when you see one and scoop them up.  It is so fun. It becomes a challenge to catch your limit each day but most of all you can't beat hanging out with friends, boating, sunshine, and catching some yummy scallops to cook when you get home.

I can't stand selfies but after some wine and sunshine the dogs and I tried some out.

Now back to the real world of work and ponies.