Thursday, August 14, 2014

Babies Will Be Babies

Last evening I brought Baby L over to M's.  I worked his pinto mare while he rode L.  Both were not bad but not great.  He says L takes awhile to "clock in."  He's opinionated when asked to work initially then when M gets after him he's fine.  The plan was for me to get on after M but M felt that he worked him hard and he should be done.  The pinto mare wanted to be either a giraffe or a turtle.  She would either go around with her head straight up or when I got her to frame up she wouldn't move forward.  I couldn't get both.  She just seemed tuned out yesterday.  Just part of the fun of babies!

I'm still obsessing over the Pre-Green Incentive Championships.  Trainer M finished in the top ten with one ride and top 50 with the other for Round 2.  Top 30 ride in the Finals this evening!  I'm so excited for her, lots of big names in that group.


  1. Woohoo for your trainer, glad L was a good boy for M & that you got to play with the pretty pinto mare

    1. Thank you! If the rain stays away maybe we will play again this evening!

  2. One of the horses tied for first in the Pre Green Incentive Championship shows at the same shows I go to! I don't jump high enough to compete against him, but pretty cool non the less!

  3. Hoping your trainer does amazing!

  4. Exciting stuff! Congrats to your trainer!