Friday, August 22, 2014


Thank you so much to Lauren from She Moved to Texas for the shout out on your blog post.  It's hard to believe over a year has passed since I started blogging.  Prior to that a few people suggested to me that I should start one (probably because they were tired of me talking about my horses on Facebook).  When I bought a 2 year old OTTB I thought it would be fun to chronicle the retraining process.  As things often change it has now morphed into talking about showing my Adult Amateur Jumper Poppy and breaking my new Hosteiner baby Luxxx.

I try (but sometimes fail miserably) to keep it relevant and interesting and not just the same "I hacked, she was perfect" boringness.  I love reading everyone's blogs and learning about blogging and trying to make it better.  One aspect that I do want to add to my blog is showing on a budget.  I go to AA shows with Poppy and I am able to do it without spending oodles of money.  I feel like there might be people out there that think they cant afford to do the bigger shows so I will try to start being a bit more transparent on costs and how I make it work.  It really is possible to do this sport at the A rated level without having a bottomless checking account.

I am excited to have Trainer J come work with Baby L again tonight.  I must delete crap off my phone so I can video!!


  1. Love that spunky gray mare! <3

  2. I'd really love learning more about AA on a budget, I think I'm doing okay with B/C on a budget but would like to step up my game next year.

  3. i second that - any hints / insights you have on feeding the show fix without breaking the bank are majorly appreciated!

  4. Would love more about AA showing on a budget! Also, more Poppy jumping pictures :-D

  5. Found you from SMTT, isn't it nice getting a shout out?! I would love to hear more about AA on a budget; currently, my checking account is very sad. Not sure if any of your tips will translate to a trainer program...? Hopefully!

    1. One of the many reason I love my trainers is that they understand showing on a budget and try to cater to that.

  6. Gorgeous photos of your gorgeous girl!!