Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

I got home a little early from work yesterday and had a quick hack on Poppy.  She had a huge hump in her back and although she didn't, she felt like she would explode at any moment.  I feel lucky to have not been lawn darted.  I then began the preparations...

Everyone wore 3 layers (except Cotton who I'm lucky if he keeps his one blanket on) and got a warm soupy bran mash with mineral oil.  I threw them extra hay and turned out.  I had planned to lock barn kitty in my tack room but even at 12am my barn was still 40 degrees so she slept on the hay in the hay stall.  Not even interested in the bed or blankets I left.

I checked on everyone before bed and threw more hay.  All seemed ok and munching happily.  I followed my instinct despite everyone else I know keeping their horses in and I left everyone out.

I brought them in at 5am.  It was 30 degrees and again everyone was fine.  The barn was still 40.  I did another warm bran mash and oil, took off one of their layers, and headed to work.  Fingers crossed everyone drinks well today but at least they did get fluids with their breakfast.  One more night of cold then we warm back up.

I am hoping to hack again this evening despite the cold.  Body clipping is on the schedule for this weekend then off to show the17th!  I need to get lots of riding in!


  1. Glad you didn't get ping ponged off Poppy!

  2. Sounds like you have some super loved ponies :)

    Oh can't wait for your show!!

    1. After losing a horse to colic years ago I am a bit obsessive. 3 weeks of showing here we come!

  3. Excited to hear about your show!

  4. Sounds your horses are getting the best of care :-) Im lucky to be in the middle of summer here.