Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's Humpday

Fortunately the monsoon stopped about midday yesterday.  Although everything was still very wet I was able to hack Poppy in my small sand "pasture" I have.  It is going to take awhile before the grass area I ride in dries up.  It is supposed to be sunny today so I am hoping the sand dries up enough to jump a little.

Tonight we are supposed to have a big temperature drop to low 30s.  I know this is nothing for my northern friends, but it is shocking in FL.  I am sure Poppy will be thrilled (not) to wear her slinky tonight since she is now clipped.  I will be sure to take pictures as she looks like the hamburgler.

Last weekend I worked with Ketel on the lunge line a bit so I can hopefully get him back into work soon.  As I was taking him out to lunge we stopped so I could attempt to take some pictures.  He is filling out and is less butt high.  He will be 4 yo in April.

Compared to the picture taken before I bought him 10 months ago.

He definitely needs a top line which will develop as he gets back into work. 


  1. He already looks much more mature in his topline though. Looking good! And our ring was underwater due to all this weather. Bleh

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I feel like he has changed and sometime I'm not sure!

  2. He does look like he's evening out! Looking forward to hamburgler pictures :)

  3. He looks worlds different!! Good work!

    Can't wait to see Poppy in her get up hehe!