Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I got home last evening expecting to ride Tank and instead spent the evening repairing the divider fence between Tank and Ketel's paddocks.  By the looks of it Ketel is the culprit.  This did not make me happy.  By the time I was done it was too late to ride as I knew it would take me forever to get everyone bundled up for the freeze last night.

Got everyone bundled up and fed a bran mash mixed with feed, water, & mineral oil then turned out.  And once again Ketel   tried pulling the divider fence down.  How he pulled down the hot wire too I do not know.  So there I was in the cold, dark, and wind fixing the fence for the second time and telling him if there was a third time he would be tied to the front gate with a sign on him.

I have got to get him going so both he and Tank can be sold.  I am overwhelmed and exhausted and I am not sure how long I can continue like this.  It was 10pm before I got to try to grab a shower and some dinner.  This current schedule I have is kicking my ass.

This morning Poppy came in with a cut on her front leg.  Nothing gets your attention more than a white leg turned red.  It doesn't seem bad but sure bled a lot.  I cleaned it up and treated it and will get a better look this evening.

I'm trying to just get thought this day and not fall asleep at my desk.  Hopefully I can hack Poppy tonight.