Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter Series Week I, Day 2

Today started a bit hectic as I overslept and was rushing to get horses fed, dressed, wrap, and load Poppy.  Fortunately shows never run on time and I got there in plenty of time and even got to watch my friend ride in the low adult jumpers.

The course was a bit tricky with distances walking long in a few places and a difficult inside turn option in the jump off.
Our first round was good.  Here is a video.  Unfortunately with it being enclosed it is dark and hard to see.

I took some risks in the jump off.  I took the inside turn from 13 to 9 and got deep.  I should have kept kicking through the turn.  Good Poppy for keeping the jump up.  Then the last line I tried to leave out a stride and again should have kicked more and it would have worked out.  Good Poppy for patting the ground.  She got extra treats for bailing me out and keeping the jumps up too.  My trainer "N" and I discussed how I need to trust myself (and Poppy) more when I take those risks and be a bit more bold and Poppy will follow.

Tomorrow we are just doing the classic.  I know she is tired so hopefully she gets a good rest tonight.