Monday, January 6, 2014

The Artic Blast of '14

It is in the mid 60s here right now but they say this afternoon the "Artic Blast" is coming and the temps will drop.  A projected low of 25 tonight and a high of 40 tomorrow.  Go ahead and laugh my northern friends, but in FL this sends people into sheer panic mode.

My concern is only for my horses.  These drastic weather changes can cause horses to stop drinking and bring colic.  I added electrolytes and water to morning feed to encourage drinking.  Tonight and in the morning I will plan a warm bran mash and mineral oil.  My horses will go out tonight as usual and I will layer their blankets.  I believe in keeping them in a normal routine.  I plan to lock barn kitty in my feed room so she doesn't freeze.  Hopefully Cotton keeps his blanket on tonight.  He hates to wear one and tries to rip it off.

I am going to try to ride to tonight.  Hopefully I don't baby out because of the cold.  How did I ever live up north??

I am kind of looking forward to getting to use the fireplace since we hardly get weather cold enough to use it.

What are you doing to survive the Artic Blast? How cold is too cold for you to ride?


  1. We're the same way in TX. It may not be New England cold, but to us it's FREEZING!

  2. I bought Miles a blanket liner... and the barn will be closed up tight for the next three days!!

  3. What's sad is that we are probably blanketing the same but your temps are much colder. We are wimps down here!

  4. Good thing you held off clipping :)

    Hope you can stay warm and find the energy to ride.. i would have a HARD time getting out there ha!

  5. The more I read other people's blogs, the more I'm glad I haven't left California.

  6. While I'm happy we're staying warm here in Cali- I'm vaguely jealous of my Indiana friends who are getting time off from work. When I lived in Indy we had a heated barn (just the barn- not the ring) which made it easier to get on and go!

  7. I love sitting in front of the fire when its COLD! As long as my horses are warm and happy.
    I ride no matter how cold it is unless its raining really badly. :) I just pile on the layers!