Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Series Week I Day 1

We had a good start to the show weekend today.  It was low 30s early this morning when Poppy, Mini Nugget and I loaded up and headed to the show.

We did the 1m and 1.10 Training Jumpers.  They are blue/red ribbon rounds.  Blue ribbon if you are fault free and red if not.  No jump offs.
It was a nice course and Poppy was clean in both.  She jumped around great and I am very happy with her.  I know the jumper judge and when I was walking the course and chatting with him he told me a lot of horses were spooking at 5ab to 6 as the sun was peeking through and casting funny shadows.  She didn't bat an eye (maybe dusk riding helped??).

We might be the only ones out in "day parking" tied to the trailer but we sure do look cute!

Tomorrow if she is good we will just do one High Adult Jumper class.  It's going to be another early and cold day!